Wild Geese LogoWild Geese International (WGI) delivers a range of unique Training and Development services to the Australian and South East Asian hydrocarbon industry. The specialised services offered by WGI are backed by our extensive knowledge and valuable experience regarding the safety, environmental and regulatory requirements for operating production facilities.

The WGI team has been involved in a range of training projects and management of offshore hydrocarbon facilities over the last 30 years. This has provided WGI with a solid background of experience in; operability of an Oil and Gas facility, design input for practicality of operations in adverse conditions, operational experience in managing construction, commissioning and maintenance of projects. In addition WGI also offers consultants and personnel services specialising in the hydrocarbon and mining industries.

WGI is committed to working with new and existing companies to develop skilled personnel to meet the demands of the industry and to ensure that facilities are operated safely and efficiently, comply with safety cases and any local regulatory bodies governing the industry. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) operating within the VET Quality Framework and Standards for RTOs 2015, WGI can also offer your employees the opportunity to obtain nationally recognised training.

With “evolved” best practice, we strive to bring value to our clients; ensuring aspirations are met efficiently and without compromise to safety, quality and commercial objectives. WGI provide a practical value adding service to the hydrocarbon industry, through the integration, development and application of the experience and knowledge of its team. The extensive approach taken by WGI ensures maximum efficiency due to an intricate understanding of the hydrocarbon industry which assists in minimising down time and controlling project schedules giving enhanced production up-time.

Wild Geese International’s vision is to be the preferred service provider for the Australian and South East Asian hydrocarbon industry. We believe that our combined experience of working for many of the region’s leading operators has allowed us the opportunity to offer unique solutions to the challenges that face business.

Business Units

WGI currently has 2 core business units that are supported by quality experienced personnel:

WGI Philosophy

The WGI organisational philosophy is to align and integrate itself, where practicable, with reputable and well regarded hydrocarbon organisations. WGI recognises the established business processes of the hydrocarbons industry and will strive to provide optimal, safety driven services that integrate these business processes into the WGI service delivery strategy and business plan.

WGI Capability Statement

WGI Capabilities Experience 2019 Click here for our Capability Statement.

The Meaning of “Wild Geese”

The term “Wild Geese” is used in Irish history to refer to Irish soldiers who left to serve in the continental European armies in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. They developed a reputation for having a generous nature, democratic tolerance, warm hospitality and defined themselves as “fighters in every clime, every cause but our own”.