Control Loop Tuning

Course Description

How many of your control loops sit in a manual? How many loops have such low gains and long integral times that they are automatic in name only? Can an auto tuner give you the control loop performance you require? This course has been prepared to equip operators and engineers with the answers.

In our experience, the teaching of control theory does not adequately explain the concept of process dynamics and hence many don’t understand how to match the loop tuning with the actual process dynamics. This programme aims to provide an understanding of dynamics and tuning through practical exercise.

Course Objectives

Delegates will understand each PID controller term and the pros and cons of derivative action. Furthermore they will be able to tune pressure, level, flow and temperature loops.

Having thoroughly understood the dynamics of feedback control, each participant will be introduced to the application of dynamics and tuning to cascade and feedforward control.

Course Leader

Howard Thomas has a particular passion for Operational Excellence, which he believes has to be complemented by the competency of individuals. He developed these beliefs through a combination of direct industry operations experience with Dow Chemicals as a technician and with Exxon Chemicals as an engineer, and subsequently working with numerous consultancy and training clients all over the world.

He believes a sense of ownership and belief that you can make a difference in the organisation is essential to excellence, and that in turn inspires the pursuit of skills and tools mastery.

Howard is a highly sought after technical training specialist with twenty years of direct training experience during a thirty year career.

Course Schedule


8.30am Meet & Greet Tea & Coffee
Introduction: Overview of Control Systems
Demystifying Theory: The Limitations of Auto Tuners
10.00am Break Morning Tea
Demystifying Theory: Process Dynamics
Feedback Control: PID
12.00pm Break Lunch
Feedback Control: Proportional Only
Feedback Control: Proportional and Integral
2.00pm Break Afternoon Tea
Feedback Control: Cascade
Feedforward Control: Ratio
Feedforward Control: Bias
5.00pm Close out day 1