Familiarisation and Pre Production Start Up Training & Assessment

One of the most important areas of the Pre Production Start Up is ensuring that all personnel who are going to operate the facility are in fact familiar and competent to do so. All personnel need to be trained as per their Position Descriptions and Role Competency profiles as well as being familiar with the actual facility they are to operate when connected to the riser. This training may include formal courses delivered either on-site or off-the-job, facility specific on-the-job and competency based training and assessment (CBTA).

In addition to having the required qualifications and the relevant experience needed for their position, personnel need to undergo this type of training and also meet the CBTA requirements for their position before they can perform their role safely and competently.

The training requirements are generally developed from the outcomes of a training need analysis (TNA) conducted at an earlier stage of the project. The emphasis will also be on any Safety Critical Activities as identified in the Safety Case. This may include technical aspects of the operation including equipment and vendor specific training or specific HSE components of the operation. This primarily involves the Operations personnel but can also include support base and office sites particularly in relation to emergency response. Legislative and company specific requirements must also be met.

A perfect location for certain aspects of the Familiarisation and Training of personnel in the operation of the facility is at the ship yard during the conversion stage of the facility. Personnel by this stage will have access to all drawings, P&ID’s, procedures and relevant documentation needed to become familiar with the facility operations. This will ensure that the training is relevant to the operation of the facility.