Non – Technical Overview: Oil and Gas

Course Description

The course aims to provide support personnel with no technical knowledge, with a basic overview of the oil and gas industry. We believe it is vitally important that support personnel understand the language of oil and gas.

This course explains how oil and gas is located, how the reservoir produces and flows via wells and how the oil and gas is processed and transported to its destination.

Our course leader has a particular talent for making the complex seem simple and hundreds of people and organisations around the world have benefited from his delivery of this programme.

Course Objectives

As with all our courses we teach fundamentals enabling the delegate to understand the basic principles of operation, not theoretically as in a technical education, but practically from a real world operational point of view.

This course was designed to provide support staff with a working vocabulary to enhance their ability to support oil and gas operations. The course covers the issues associated with the industry, where and how oil is found, how oil is produced, the handling of the associated waste materials and what the future holds for energy production.

Course Leader

Howard Thomas has a particular passion for Operational Excellence, which he believes has to be complemented by the competency of individuals. He developed these beliefs through a combination of direct industry operations experience with Dow Chemicals as a technician and with Exxon Chemicals as an engineer, and subsequently working with numerous consultancy and training clients all over the world.

He believes a sense of ownership and belief that you can make a difference in the organisation is essential to excellence, and that in turn inspires the pursuit of skills and tools mastery.

Howard is a highly sought after training specialist with twenty years of direct training experience during a thirty year career.

Course Structure


8.30am Meet & Greet Tea & Coffee
Introduction: History of Oil and Gas
Introduction: The Future of Hydrocarbons, Conventional and Unconventional
10.00am Break Morning Tea
Exploration and production: Reservoirs and Formations
12.00pm Break Lunch
Exploration and production: Wells
Exploration and production: Offshore platforms
2.00pm Break Afternoon Tea
Oil and Gas Process: Oil processing
Oil and Gas Process: Water processing
5.00pm Close out day 1


8.30am Meet & Greet Tea & Coffee
Oil and Gas Process: Gas Processing
10.00am Break Morning Tea
Oil and Gas Export: Pipelines, Tankers and Refineries
12.00pm Break Lunch
2.00pm Break Afternoon Tea
Alternative Energy
5.00pm Close out day 2