Understanding and Optimising Screw Compression

Course Description

Engineers learn theory and operators learn from experience, but how do we ensure both theory and experience are combined to full advantage? Both groups need to understand the fundamental principles, the interaction with the driver limitations, be able to understand the application of process control and be able to spot problems. This course has been prepared to give a practical understanding of screw compression in the real world, combined with modern control systems and the pursuit of optimum performance.

It is an intensive course which relies heavily on the use of many computer simulation practical examples to explore compressor operation, its control and optimisation.

With common first days between our compressor courses, screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compression can be combined in our compressor week to give a comprehensive overview of the whole compressor family.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will be able to explain the common fundamental aspects of a screw compressor, but also highlight the differences between the most common types of compressors.

Most importantly, participants will understand the physics of compression and hence what a compressor can and cannot do. They will also understand how control regulates the performance of a compressor and its driver, and how the driver and compressor interact.

This thorough understanding will then equip the delegate to appreciate common operating problems, their causes and their solutions.

Finally, delegates will be familiar with multi-stage and multi-train configurations commonly encountered in the real world and their operation and optimisation.

Course Leader

Howard Thomas has a particular passion for Operational Excellence, which he believes has to be complemented by the competency of individuals. He developed these beliefs through a combination of direct industry operations experience with Dow Chemicals as a technician and with Exxon Chemicals as an engineer, and subsequently working with numerous consultancy and training clients all over the world.

He believes a sense of ownership and belief that you can make a difference in the organisation is essential to excellence, and that in turn inspires the pursuit of skills and tools mastery.

Howard is a highly sought after technical training specialist with twenty years of direct training experience during a thirty year career.

Course Schedule


8.30am Meet & Greet Tea & Coffee
Introduction: The Compressor Family
Introduction: Physics 101
10.00am Break Morning Tea
Demystifying Theory: Thermodynamics
12.00pm Break Lunch
Demystifying Theory: Performance Monitoring
2.00pm Break Afternoon Tea
Demystifying Theory: Process Control
Operation: Oil Injected Compressor
Operation: Oil Free Compressor
5.00pm Close out day 1


8.30am Meet & Greet Tea & Coffee
Introduction: Compressor Maintenance
10.00am Break Morning Tea
Maintenance: Common Problems
12.00pm Break Lunch
Optimisation: Compressor Configurations
2.00pm Break Afternoon Tea
Operation: Start Up
Operation: Shutdown
Optimisation: Slide Valves
5.00pm Close out day 2