Management System Development & Review

The Management System is a reference base and repository for Business Unit Management System Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures. It is the responsibility of organisations to ensure that procedures are available to all employees and that these personnel have unlimited access to this information. There should be regular forums where information is communicated to employees. It is also the responsibility of all employees to familiarise themselves and seek guidance from their line supervisor on any procedures or work instructions associated with their functional responsibility.

It is imperative that all personnel follow the Management Systems documents to ensure that facilities are operated safely and efficiently. If the documents are not followed, the safety standards and efficient operation of facilities may be compromised.

A document shall be prepared if its absence is likely to result in a significant impact on at least one of the following:

  • Maintaining a safe work place (with overall priority on Safety Critical documents pertaining to a facility, normally identified in the facility safety case)
  • Controlling our environmental effects
  • Providing quality products or services to our internal and external customers
  • Controlling our finances
  • Maintaining compliance with legislation
  • Compliance with Joint Venture Agreements

As Operators, organisations are accountable for the ongoing maintenance of Management Systems within their organisation, this is a requirement of the facility Safety Case.

The Management System should be reviewed regularly. The Safety Case and related operating procedures should be given the highest priority, be continually improved and frequently audited to monitor the adequacy of the improvements.

Any procedure with implications for health, safety and the environment must be referred to, and meet the requirements of the companies HSE standards before final approval is issued.

All procedures associated with “Safety Critical Activities (SCA)” should have a safety requirements section clearly stating that the document describes a safety critical activity. When a safety critical procedure is entered into the system the title of the procedure should be given a special “SCA” identifier so it can be classified along with other safety critical procedures.