Mentoring and Review Post Production Start Up

Mentoring and Review Post Production Start Up is one of the most crucial aspects of post-production and includes validating the systems that have already been put in place to ensure the safe operation of the facility.

Mentoring Support

With new operations it is important that personnel are aware of the safety systems currently in place and how they actually work on offshore facilities. Wild Geese International (WGI) offers organisations professional personnel who are able to become part of your normal crew for a period of time. The intention is for this person to become familiar with the key aspects of your safety management system. This would include systems such as job safety analysis, risk assessments, toolbox meetings, standards and procedures, permit to work, etc. The intention would be to sit in on these daily safety processes as they are conducted offshore and to reinforce key elements and observations. It must be stressed that the idea is not to take over these processes; this responsibility will remain with the permanent crew. The key objective is to be a fresh set of eyes and to provide feedback and reinforcement on how these processes are conducted as per the organisations procedures.

Operations Support

WGI is able to provide professional operational support personnel when necessary to organisations. Specialist personnel are available to companies to address any operational training issues that arise.

Management System Documents Review

The common practice is for safety critical documents and standard operating procedures which have been developed to operate new or existing facilities live within the organisations management system. These documents are normally developed prior to the actual operation of the facility in most cases. This causes some concerns in regard to the accuracy of the procedures when it comes to actually operating the facility on site. Such documents need to be reviewed on an ongoing basis and at the earliest possible opportunity after start up to ensure the procedures line up with the operation of the facility.