Training Need Analysis (TNA)

The purpose of performing a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is to provide a structured means to match the individual to the skills and knowledge (competencies) required for a function or job. The gaps between the individual and the skills required become the individual’s training needs.

The system prioritises training needs that are essential for satisfactory and competent performance in a particular position to the standard required in employment.

The system provides a database of skills available that could link with career development of individuals. This is achieved by providing an individual training track record and transferable skills where individuals can easily identify training needs required to competently carry out the duties needed to perform in the position they currently hold.

The Training Need Analysis lists all the qualifications, knowledge and skills required for satisfactory and competent performance in a particular position. This process is developed in consultation with various department Supervisors / Managers. The use of Job Descriptions, Competency Profiles, Interview techniques and the experience of the organisations Supervisors and Managers are used to compile the information needed.
The following areas may be visited within organisations as part of the TNA:

  • Position safety critical CBTA modules
  • Workplace assessor training requirements
  • Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBTA) training matrix
  • Prescribed training matrix
  • Safety training requirement
  • Technical training requirements
  • Organisation procedures and standards
  • Position descriptions
  • Competency profiles
  • Training records